After 2017 Clearfly analyzed a great deal of information including overall customer satisfaction, their partners ability to coordinate timely ports, their ability to move, add or install a new system with minimal to zero down time, and how frequently the partners were able to coordinate all of these tasks seamlessly.  The result was very high customer satisfaction and so they chose to award their top partners.  “The importance placed on one’s ability to communicate over today’s IT infrastructure couldn’t be more critical to a business, and we are proud to say these partners performed excellent”, said Sam Johnson, Channel Account Manager for Clearfly.  “Coincidentally a majority of award winners were also members of TAG.”  The award was received by Tamra Sturges, CEO of CommWorld. “We are honored to accept this award.  Our company always strives to be on the leading edge of technology,” said Ms. Sturges. “Clearfly provides industry leading Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunking to our customers and we’re proud to be their business partner.”