About Us

We’ve been providing telecommunication services to business’ of all sizes for over 26 years. It all began back in 1991 when Greg Sturges recognized that business’ had too few options in choosing from companies that provide the services they need to stay in contact with their customers – so he decided to do something about it. He rolled up his sleeves and broke ground to develop COMMWorld, a telecommunications company built around delivering the best business technology available. Our approach is tailor made. We find the right solutions that fit each business’ individual needs no matter their size. We create solutions that grow with your business, so you’re always ready to take on new projects and opportunities.

We understand that for most business’, staying in communication with their customers is one of the highest priorities. We make a complex process simple and enjoyable by handling all of your telecommunication needs for you. So you can focus on your customers and doing what you do best. Technical expertise and system specialization are our strengths and what we do best, and there is nothing we enjoy more than delivering tailor fit telecommunication solutions.

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COMMWorld specializes in the telecommunications services that drive your business. Our first-class customer service, and technical know-how, backed by a full line of industry leading communications products, make sure you get the best solutions available.


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